"We had ADT and the contract was up. We had several different bids from security companies. Maggard Security was cheaper for the exact same product and services. Plus the fact that we didn't have to sign a long term contract. The techs are really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable."

THPikeville, KY

"This pharmacy has been a Maggard Security customer for over 7 years. The staff is friendly and professional with excellent service and low monthly monitoring rates."

PPPikeville, KY

"Maggard's has excellent service! Whenever we call, the service is wonderful and all the employee's that work there are curtious and pleasant. We are always recommending Maggard's Security to other people. We always feel safe and secure! My sister-in-law (who is in her 90's) also has Maggard's Security and she has always felt protected and safe while living alone by using Maggard's Security."

NSPaintsville, KY

"I talked with Michael on the phone before I got the system. He answered every single question I could come up with. I asked him the negatives, and he explained to me the differences between Maggards and ADT. No contract and the service being local plus lower monthly monitoring rates. He explained the financing terms. Nobody else had same as cash financing. You all have the latest technology, you can add home automation, do all kinds of stuff, or you can do the basic system. He answered all my questions and they were very professional when they installed the system. As far as anybody who would want a security system I would give Maggard's an A++. And we couldn't find anyone that offered the month to month contract like Maggard's. Local service is very, very important to me. I could not find a down side to Maggard's. I am so pleased. You can customize the system how you want and there is no service or feature that a national company could provide that Maggard's doesn't. Top notch, top quality. I don't see any competition to your service and quality.

Plus, I just saved $258 a year on my home owners insurance.

I don't think people are aware of all you offer, there is no comparison, you can do everything they show on TV. I really didn't realize what all you could do till you came out to my home. Compared to a national company, you do it all, you may be smaller, but you are better.

People should call you for a free quote. If they compare, and if the truth be known, you provide better service for less and can do anything the big companies can."

JMHome Owner

"We had ADT before. The system was working and then something happened. It took them 2 weeks to service it and they came from Lexington. We weren't dealing with anybody locally. The people were like telemarking people, I'm not sure who they were or where they were. We didn't know that, we thought we were dealing with local people.

Well they sent someone out and the first guy didn't know what to do, he couldn't fix it so they sent someone else.

We want to deal with someone local. We heard about Maggard Security on the radio and gave them a call. I like that I am dealing with local, knowledgeable people, and you don't have to sign a 3 year contract. Plus our monthly monitoring rate is much lower."

HHBusiness Owner

"Being in business, I needed the best deal for my money. I looked at several other companies when getting ready for security and cameras. Maggard Security was a better deal on everything; security, cameras and monthly monitoring. I got the same equipment for less than half the other quote and the monthly monitoring was less. Price was very important to me, but just as important is having helpful and reliable people to work with. Now I trust Maggard Security with my home, my kids and my business."

BWBusiness Owner

"Our church has been broken into 7 times in the last 2 ½ years. But the last time someone broke in, they left running; because we have a Maggard Security Alarm system. We also added a DVR camera system to the church and the food pantry next door. That has been great, and the really awesome feature is I can pull up and see the church anytime, anywhere. I can view everything from my home computer - but I really like how I can pull it up on my phone anywhere I am; that is great."

DHPaintsville, KY

"I purchased my first Maggard Security system ten years ago after someone cut the phone line to my home during a break in attempt.

Since then I have four systems protecting my home and my business locations. Over the years my Maggard security systems have stopped attempted break-ins at three of these four locations. The peace of mind of knowing that I am protected with fire and burglary protection 24 hours a day with Maggard Security is priceless."

ABBusiness Owner

"We just had our camera system installed, and I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your men. They were very polite and courteous. They laid out the diagram and went right to work. They know their stuff. We were very impressed!"

MMThelma, KY

"We have been customers since 2006 and could not ask for a more courteous and professional staff. We have always tried to use local business to help the local economy."

PPPaintsville, KY
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